Anxiety & Depression

My mental health improvement began properly about seven years ago when I received osteopathic treatment for back pain. Being pain-free helped give me the energy and confidence as well as some balance in my mind to look at other ways of bringing peace and happiness into my life.

In my opinion, you can’t have balance in your mind if you don’t have it in your body. Osteopathy is a great starting place to begin your road to recovery.

The amount of people of all ages and walks of life who enter the clinic with mental health issues is increasing weekly. What they find most comforting is someone saying “I know exactly what you’re going through”. In a lot of cases I’m able to pass on the advice I got along my road to recovery, which has really helped my patients over the years.

To fully get to the root of the problem, I believe anxiety and depression must be tackled on many different levels including:

The physicalOsteopathy and exercise.
The mentalGood counselling or CBT work.
The emotionalPutting what you’ve learned from the above into practice.
The spiritualThrough meditation you can become equanimous.
The energeticReiki healing.
MedicationIn certain cases, this can be the first step before you can take on the above, then you can look at improving your diet, lifestyle, stress levels and relationships.

Osteopathy is a great stepping stone to help you on the road to recovery. I like to work closely with your doctor and other therapists who may be involved, to create a wrap around program for your recovery. Complete confidentiality is maintained at all times. Please contact the clinic if you’d like more information.

Please note I am not qualified in medicine or counselling and will always recommend you speak with the relevant department.